Sleeved Tubing Light - 10lb Green

Step up your fitness game with the Prism Fitness Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing - a compact, portable, and innovative resistance training tool. The Light version, in the color, Green boasts a resistance of 10lbs and is designed to optimize your workout and maximize your gains. With the same intensity offered by traditional free weights, it provides the added advantage of space-efficiency, perfect for travelers and home-gym enthusiasts alike.

The real strength of the Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing lies in its feature of continual resistance. Unlike free weights, this product offers consistent resistance throughout each movement, enhancing muscle engagement. Without momentum, it promotes safer and more controlled execution of dynamic exercises like woodchops.

Constructed with professional-grade rubber dipped tubing, its durability and resilience are unparalleled. The nylon sheathing encasing the tubing serves multiple purposes – it enhances your comfort during exercise, shields the tubing from wear and tear, UV light, and dryness, thereby increasing the product's lifespan. The tubing is 4 feet long, an optimal length for a variety of resistance exercises. To further augment its durability, the plastic handles are reinforced with webbing straps.

The Prism Fitness Smart Guard Sleeved Tubing isn't just a fitness product; it's a lifestyle change that ensures effective workouts and long-lasting durability. Its compact design, superior quality, and emphasis on muscle challenge make it a must-have addition to your fitness routine.

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