Our Staff

Cam & Colleen Wirch have been owners of A&L together for over 35 years. They love the family aspect of their business, and they share a love for their trade and the active lifestyle it supports. Road riding, gravel, trail and city cruising is how spare time is spent.  Cam and Colleen have raised three kids. Tori, now teaching in Brandon, Taylor Shea, a certified Message Therapist and their oldest is Tyler, now a co-owner at the store.
Tyler Wirch might have been born in the bike shop, but don't take our word for it. All we know, is that Tyler has been riding, fixing or selling bikes for as long as anyone can remember and is now a co-owner of A&L. He specializes in every department in the store as his passions spread widely from road riding, mountain biking, BMX, skiing and triathlons. Tyler is married to Taryn and in their spare time they bike, run, swim and compete in triathlons. They have 4 pets and many, many bikes! Including road, mountain and triathlon bikes.
James Treloar started at A&L in 2018. In 2020 James became a co-owner and now runs the service department.  When he isn't working, James enjoys cycling, road, mountain and gravel.  He also kayaks, cross country skis and snowshoes.  And if there is anytime left, James could build you a coffee table!
Gord’s expertise in the service shop comes from over 18 years of experience. He is also involved in our weekly road rides and spin classes, and he loves to kayak. Gord has also served on a local search and rescue team for over ten years.  On the weekend his hands still get greasy restoring classic vehicles.
Chris likes anything involving two wheels, bikes are his passion and I wouldn't challenge him to a running race. He is a expert in sales and all products available in store.  At home, Chris is busy with his young family and loves to be outdoors.