What We Sell and Services We Offer


We are all in on bikes, all of us have a least one bike … some of us have three or four or … well..    Many years ago, bikes just came in a few models, city bikes and road bikes. Over the years came mountain bikes and now electric-assist bikes. We carry them all as well as offering clubs with different types of rides. 

Finding the right bike, not just any bike, for each customer is the goal.  We need to know where you want to use the bike...city, gravel, trail or road riding. If you are mountain biking, how aggressive are you?  Do you have a need for speed or control?  For city riding, comfort is often the main goal along with being able to add racks, bags or baskets to carry various items.

Finding all the extras to make the ride more enjoyable is important as well.  We help make sure everything fits within our customers budget.  Accessories such as helmets, hydration, bags, tools and even the right clothing will enhance the experience of every ride.

We deal with several large bike brands.  Our relationship with these companies help us offer great customer service and allow us to back what we sell with great warranties.  We work with companies that share our philosophy of doing everything we can to help our customer have the best cycling experience.

Our Bike Brands

Trek Bikes              https://www.trekbikes.com/b2b/ca/en_CA

Norco Bicycles       https://www.norco.com/

Cervelo                 https://www.cervelo.com/en_CA/

Santa Cruz           www.santacruz.ca

Haro BMX            https://harobikes.com/

Moustache           https://moustachebikes.com/en/

Garneau Bikes     https://garneau.com/ca_en/bikes

Electra Bikes        https://electra.trekbikes.com

Reid Bikes            https://www.reidbikes.com


Woman riding a Trek mountain bike.Kid's riding Trek BicyclesSanta Cruz BronsonGravel riding on a Trek Checkpoint.

Does the Bike Fit?

We take pride in every bike we sell.   But customers don’t just need the right bike for their style of riding or purpose for riding, the bike needs to be the right fit.  Although this isn’t that important on a dirt jump bike or a BMX bike... for some it is very important.

For a road bike, you are basically in the same position for the entire ride.  Although, when you purchase a road bike there is always a quick fit done, we highly recommend purchasing a full fit, valued at $130.  This full fit takes into account the riders flexibility, many measurements on position and any personal physical needs that need to be addressed like...shoulder issues, foot position and more.

On a triathlon bike, extra attention is focused on the position on triathlon bars and saddles.

Almost every cyclist can benefit from a more advanced bike fit. Either the $60 limited adjustment or the $130 full fit can yield substantial benefits.  Everything from a more comfortable ride or perhaps more performance.

Making a Splash in Paddle Sports 

Now on to Paddle Sports.  In 2016 we added yet another department to our store…. Paddle Sports. This added kayaks, canoes, paddleboards and all the accessories that go along with it.

When deciding which brands to carry we considered quality, comfort and durability.  There is a range of pricing for kayas, canoes and paddleboards.  With paddle Paddleboarding on Starboard Paddle Boardsboards we also selected great options for hard shell and inflatables. 

Come down to the store in the Spring. Sit in the boats and see what would work for you!  Try on a life jacket and check out the many accessories available to help you find an adventure. We want you on the water enjoying life, whether it is in a canoe, kayak or on a paddleboard.


Brands We Carry

Pelican Sport                         https://pelicansport.com/

Current Designs                    https://www.cdkayak.com/

Starboard SUP                      https://sup.star-board.com/

Sportspal                               http://www.sportspalcanoes.com/                     

AquaBound                           https://aquabound.com/



 Fitness Equipment and Setting Up Your Home Gym

We have been fortunate to be part of and supported by an amazing community. When we decided to add fitness equipment to our line-up of products, again our customers have given us awesome support. Fitness equipment became part of our store in 1999.  


Treadmills, Exercise Bikes and More

Matrix Treadmill

Treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes were the first products on our floor when we started this category.  These items fueled decisions in the process of delivery and service.  A priority was to  make it easy for our customers to purchase and offer the same support as every other category that we sell.  We decided that we would assemble every machine that was purchased and test it at the store before it went to the customer's home. We offer delivery and set-up and position the fitness equipment where wanted in the home. Service was the next decision.  Unlike some stores that sell equipment, we wanted to offer our own in-house technicians so that our customers would have the support needed if a problem did arise with any of the machines.  This is unchanged since we started, always looking after whatever is purchased at our store.

Expanding the Equipment

As we spoke to our customers we quickly understood a need for more options. Kettlebells, Olympic bars, rowing machines, yoga matts, stretch bands and hundreds of other fitness accessories were added to the department. Soon after that came complete home gym functional trainers and benches.

Foam rollers used for recoveryRubber hex dumbbells

All About Cross-fit

Another popular work-out is cross-fit which is rapidly moving from weights to equipment getting a full body and high intensity workout.  A  fewCross-Fit Equipment. AirRunner, Concept 2 Rower and Kettlebell of machines we have added to the store that are popular for this type of work-out are the curved manual treadmill, air bike, and rower.  These machines aren’t powered by a motor but by the user, which allows the speed or intensity to be increased or decreased instantly.

With the addition of free weights, cross-fit is a great way to build endurance and power. 


Some of the Brands in Store

Concept 2               https://www.concept2.com/

Sole Fitness            https://www.solefitness.ca/

CoreFX                   https://corefx.ca/

Assault Fitness       https://www.assaultfitness.com/

Body Solid Fitness  https://www.bodysolid.com/

Fitway Equip.          https://fitwayequip.ca/

Matrix Fitness         https://www.matrixhomefitness.ca/ 


It's All About the Service
In the end, it’s all about the service.  As mentioned earlier, we service what we sell and delivery and set-up is available. 
We employ full time technicians that are here for our customers. Another thing we really love about our store is that everything is on display. Customers can bring their running shoes, make themselves at home a try different machines, learning about the  features of each machine and can talk to a sales associate that knows the equipment.  It’s an  environment that we are very proud of and will continue with.
The A&L Delivery Van

Cross Country and Snowshoe Equipment

Cross country equipment, also know as Nordic equipment, has been a winter staple at A&L Cycle for over 40 years.  The gear you will need is classic cross country skis or skate skis, boots, bindings and poles. Although the equipment technology doesn't change often, there have definitely been some significant improvements over the last few years.  These changes include improved waxless skis and skin skis.

Reasons to Cross Country Ski

The big positive for cross country skiing is the great full-body workout that comes with the movement along with minimal impact on the joints.  Your core is used for balance and your arms and legs are constantly in motion creating a great cardio workout.  It’s important to find something to love about winter and Nordic skiing can be one of the activities to look forward to.

Another great aspect about skiing is that you are outside enjoying fresh air as well as the peace and quiet, unless of course you take the whole family and then it’s not so quiet but still fun and still outdoors!

Classic Cross Country SkiingSkate Skiing

Types of Skiing

If you live in central Canada, cross country skiing or skate skiing could be your winter sport of choice! Cross country ski equipment generally works from two categories, classic skiing and skate skiing.  Around our area there are a few locations that groom trails for skate skiing but all groom for classic Nordic skiing. Because of this, most of the gear that we have is focused on classic skiing with a small selection or special order of skate skiing gear. 


Let’s Talk About the Gear

Another great draw of this sport is that it is relatively inexpensive to outfit yourself or your entire family in the gear required.  Most places that offer cross country trails are either free to use or have a very low user fee. These are two things make this a budget-friendly sport for the entire family.


The Cross Country Ski Boot vs The Skate Skiing Boot  

Salomon Boots - Skate vs Classic

Classic ski boots may have an ankle cuff covering the ankle or they may be low like a regular shoe.  We generally only sell the higher cut cuff because it is warmer and keeps snow out of the boot.  Boots might also have the additional plastic ankle support (as shown here) which is adjusted with Velcro.  This helps support the ankle through the skiing motion. The sole has a grippy profile which helps with traction while walking. Skate ski boots have a very different construction.  The sole of the boot is stiff allowing for an efficient push off-to-the-side motion.  As you can see, the cuff and the plastic support system is higher giving even more support.  The ankle support on this boot also has a hinge system allowing for a fluid motion.



The Latest Technology

The technology of the skin ski is a game changer.  Traditionally, you wax the center third of the ski every time you go skiing and change the wax each time depending on the temperature and snow conditions.  This takes time and can be a bit messy.  The skin technology allows you to go skiing without a thought. The yellow patch (as seen in photo) is adhered to the bottom of the ski. This  cashmere feeling piece acts like the wax making for a great ski every time!Salomon Skin Skis

To learn more about this technology, follow this link!         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqo-AqJ8KD4

Poles and More

Poles are different for skiing as well. Skate skiing poles are longer and stiffer and nordic poles are a bit shorter. Keep in mind that a stiffer pole for either type of skiing performs better.  The right clothes make a huge difference in comfort.  Dress in layers, using breathable wicking fabrics that will help keep you warm and dry. I recommend getting a fanny pack or backpack to carry water and energy bar.

 Join a Club

If you are new to the sport I recommend going on YouTube and watching a few ‘how to’ videos.  Watching someone classic or skate ski, who has found their rhythm is truly a beautiful thing with such a fluid motion. Another great option is to join a cross country ski club where weekly lessons or some instruction from other skiers are available.  Renting before you purchase can be a good idea.  We offer rental cross country ski gear, snowshoes and a junior yearly rental program on equipment.

Our largest partnership for product in this industry has always been Salomon.  They are on the cutting edge of research and development and are leaders in Cross Country Ski Equipment. Salomon also offers great support and warranty for their products.

Check out Salomon full line of gear here:  


Are you interested in beginning to cross country ski or perhaps you would like to upgrade your equipment, please stop down to the store or give us a call.  We know this equipment and we know what will work for you.



 Running Department 

A&L has been in the running business for over 20 years.  Finding the right shoes for our customers is a passion.  The correct shoes will allow for a more comfortable run, less injuries and can make for a faster race.

We Have Your Sole Mate

At A&L, we offer a complete foot analysis for everyone shopping for running or walking shoes.  Customers stand on a thermal board so that we can get an accurate read on their foot arch.  We analyze their walk and talk about their running or walking goals along with any injuries or issues they may have when running or walking.  All of this information allows us to offer the best shoe for their needs.  Customers can also try out the shoes on one of the many treadmills we have on display.

Brands We Carry

Our store purchaser carefully selects the shoes that we will offer at our store.  We have shoes for casual walkers, work application, runners, triathletes and trail runners.  Between the brands that we offer there is a good offering of footwear to suit every customer.

New Balance https://www.newbalance.ca/

Brooks https://www.brooksrunning.com/en_ca

On Running https://www.on-running.com/en-ca/

Salomon https://www.salomon.com/en-ca?

Asics https://www.asics.com/ca/en-ca/


Run Clothing and Accessories

Now that you have the right shoes, what else do you need? The rightWoman Running clothes and accessories.  These items are often over looked but can make your run so much more enjoyable.  The right clothing can keep you cool on a hot day or will keep you warm and dry on the cold days.  Shorts with built in pockets for gels, keys and more. Or perhaps a waist belt that can carry what you need.
Headbands, hats, and how about that phone, check out our armbands.


Come down and talk to us… we are runners, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts.  We can suggest the right items to help you reach your goals!

Runners showing shorts and t-shirts


Clothing Brands

Sugoi                           https://ca-store.sugoi.com/

New Balance               https://www.newbalance.ca/

Brooks                         https://www.brooksrunning.com/en_ca

Salomon                      https://www.salomon.com/en-ca


The A&L Service Department

Our Service Department facilitates many different jobs required to run our store with great customer service.  The team, which is a team of 4 in the winter and up to 8 in the summer, helps our store run efficiently and supports all of our customers.

A picture of the A&L Service Counter

What Does the Service Department Do?

Our service department assembles every bike that we sell, services bikes we sell and also repairs brands we don’t sell.  They handle any warranty claims and they may be required and install accessories like racks, baskets, cycling computers and more.

Many services are offered for bicycles.  A complete tune-up, suspension maintenance, tube and tire replacements to mention a few. This keeps the department humming.  Customers can make an appointment by calling the service department or just walk in with your bike.  When bikes are dropped off for repair, a complete free estimate is completed and reviewed before the bike is left with us so that there are no surprises when the repair is completed.

A&L wash bay for bicycle cleaning and detailing.

One big addition to our service department is our wash bay.  Now, bikes that are in for a tune-up or detailing can get a full wash.  A clean bike allows for a better tune-up and a bike detailed to look like new. Previously we washed all of our bikes outside but we could only do that from April through November. Now it is a service that we offer year round.



E-Bike Repairs

With electric bikes coming onto the scene, our service department expanded into another area.  New training and certification for working electric bike diagnostics and repair have  been the latest development. At A&L, we work on Bosch E-bike systems, Shimano E-bike and Electra Hy-drive systems.  This is an exciting category and we work hard to stay up to date on information on e-bikes.

 Service Manager, James Treloar, running diagnostics of an e-bike battery.





Logos of e-bike battery brands





A&L Fitness Equipment Repairs

Our Fitness Technicians build all of the equipment for our sales floor and equipment being picked up or delivered to our customers.  And the delivery of equipment...yup, that’s them too.  This awesome crew also look after equipment in our showroom, making sure it is clean and ready for customers to try.  Also, because we have a warehouse off site, they manage product being delivered there and then bring it to the main building as required. 

Technician working on a treadmill repair.

 We service everything we sell.  When you purchase  fitness equipment from A&L we are only a phone call away.  If there were to be a problem with your machine, our technicians are here to talk to and they make house calls.  Whether you are looking for your yearly maintenance tune-up or something is wrong with your machine, we can get it running again.


Corporate Maintenance Contracts are something we offer for company on-site gyms, community gyms, universities and schools.  With a contract, our technicians will come and maintain everything on a regular basis.  This will make sure that the equipment is running its best and can keep a major repair from popping up.



Cross Country Ski MaintenanceTechnician waxing cross country skis.

Winter Equipment is another aspect they look after.  For every cross country ski that we sell the bindings need to be mounted and the base of the ski may need to be waxed as well.  Cross country rental equipment is also maintained and organized in the service department.  Reservations, fittings and maintenance of the equipment….all them!


Car Racks Installation

Roof-top car rack installation is scheduled with our service department as well.  We sell Thule, Yakima and Saris among others, and most customers prefer to have us install these racks onto their vehicle.  This sometimes involves bike, kayak or ski attachments.