Orca S6 Women's Wetsuit FS

The Orca S6 swimming wetsuit took all the great things about the S5 and then improved on them.  If you are looking for an entry level open water swimming wetsuit that offers great flexibility and buoyancy at a superb price, the new S6 is the suit for you.  With a 5mm SCS coated front panel and a 5mm lower back and legs made from Yamamoto 38 cell, you get maximum buoyancy where it’s needed most. The neck, arms, shoulders, arm gussets and calf area are 2-3mm, utilizing SCS coated Yamamoto 39 cell in all the areas where flexibility matters most.  A Powerstretch lining also provides superb range of motion and flexibility to this suit. With less panels on the legs and arms, both functionality and comfort of the suit has been increased over its S5 predecessor.  In the simplest of terms, the S6 is the most buoyant entry level Orca women’s wetsuit made for those looking to venture out into the open water without breaking the bank.


  • 3-4mm SCS coated Yamamoto 39-cell neoprene across the full front
  • 4.5mm front panel from neck to mid-leg increases flexibility and buoyancy
  • 2mm 39cell SCS coated Yamamoto underarm, shoulder and arm panels combined with a flexible Powerstretch lining provide a superb range of motion and improve flexibility
  • Nano SCS coated neoprene on front
  • 3mm Smooth Skin on back
  • Speed Transition calf panels

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