Swix CH4 Glide Wax -12/-32

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Swix CH4X Green Ski Wax is an all-new, cold hydrocarbon wax made specifically for extreme cold. With a temperature range of -12°C to -32°C | -25°F to 10°F, CH4X Green makes a great cold weather race wax as long as the humidity is low. A durable glidewax for cold temps, this wax performs best on man-made snow in extra cold temperatures.

  • Temperature Range: -12°C to -32°C | -25°F to 10°F
  • Iron Range: 155°C (311°F)
  • Can be reheated after a 10 minute wait to add wax durability
  • Scrape after 1 minute
  • If conditions become more humid or warm to the top-end of the temperature range, Cera F powder will help increase performance.
  • Be sure to use always use a high-quality iron to ensure efficient wax melt

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