Look Keo 2 Max Carbon

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Weighing just 125 grams per pedal, this new lightweight Look Keo 2 Max pedal certainly packs a punch. With a wholly remodelled pedal body, this latest iteration offer a 60mm wide platform to increase rider efficiency without gaining a single gram versus the previous model. Even the shape of the stainless-steel plate has been redesigned to ensure the same amount of contact is kept between the shoe and pedal, regardless of foot position or the degree of float in the cleat.

Not only has the pedal body undergone a radical redesign, but so has the spindle axle. Now based around an oversized Chromoly+ steel axle, containing an inner ball bearing and a needle roller bearing, this pedal to distributes power much more evenly. Using a conical spacer between the two bearings provides a reduction in friction and increases fluidity to maximise pedalling efficiency even further. With an adjustable spring mechanism, riders can tailor the level of foot retention from 8nm to 12nm, making these pedals perfect for use in criteriums or on the daily commute.

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