Inspire SF5 Functional Trainer with Smith Bar

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  • The Inspire Fitness SF5 Smith Functional Trainer is tailored for those who seek commercial-grade quality within the comfort of their home. This machine has a compact design that combines both a Selectorized Smith Machine and a functional cable machine. Crafted to ensure that you bring the entire gym experience to your doorstep, the SF5's design leaves no stone unturned.

    Envision a space where dynamic movements fuse seamlessly with resistance training; that's precisely what the SF5 offers. From pull-up bars and unique rock-climbing grips to a counterbalanced smith bar, every feature is designed to cater to the demands of an intensive workout. Add adjustable swivel pulleys, a dedicated accessory storage section, a battle rope holder, and the dual 165lb weight stacks, and you have a machine that provides an unrivaled workout experience.

    Seamlessly uniting a cable resistance mechanism with a smith machine, it guarantees a full-body workout, all while ensuring smooth operations. The machine's frictionless pulley system is nothing short of state-of-the-art, offering 39 distinct positions, enhancing workout variety.

    For those keen on organization, the SF5's storage rack is a game-changer. Designed as a two-tiered horizontal rack, its rubberized surface ensures all your free weights, be it dumbbells or kettlebells, are securely stored. Moreover, its patented design flawlessly integrates the smith bar into the weight stacks. This innovation, combined with the SF5's weight multiplier feature, allows users to lift a staggering 360 lbs.

    For those looking to push boundaries, the SF5 can be amplified further. With the option to upgrade each of its dual 165 lbs weight stacks by an additional 50 lbs, the sky's the limit. Additionally, it comes equipped with a variety of accessories including D Handles, a triceps rope, and much more, ensuring you have everything you need for an elite workout experience.

    DIMENSIONS (W X L X H)                59 IN X 45 IN X 84 IN (150 CM X 114 CM X 213 CM)
    WEIGHT                          631 LBS (286 KGS)


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