Bontrager Kids Combo Chain Lock - Blue

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A kid-friendly combo lock that uses symbols on the dial to make the combination easier for kids to remember.

A combo lock that's easy for kids to love and use

The Bontrager Kids Combo Chain Lock offers a kid-friendly design with unique color options and symbols on the dial that make it easier for little ones to remember their combination. The 75cm chain is made from hardened steel, and it's the perfect length for function without being bulky. Plus, it's wrapped up in a fun, colored fabric sheath that looks great and protects bikes from scratches and scuffs.

Product details

  1. Steel chain links for secure protection in a 75cm length
  2. Unique combo dial features kid-friendly, easy-to-remember symbols
  3. Fun, colorful fabric sleeve protects bike from scratches and scuffs
  4. 75cm length makes lock easy to use without being bulky
  5. Security rating 3


Size 75cm (29.5")

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