Replace Your Bike Helmet

Replace Your Bike Helmet

Have you replaced your bike helmet lately?  If your helmet in around 5 years old it may be time to purchase a new one.  

There are a few reasons to replace your helmet.  If you have been in a crash of any kind, buy a new lid.  The structural integrity of the helmet may be compromised.  After a hit of any kind you can't always see internal damage so all manufacturers recommend purchasing a new one and many offer a crash replacement program.

Also, helmets break down over time.  UV rays after days in the sun or even the heat from being left in a hot car for many days can warrant replacement.  Interior foam can break down over time, plastic on buckles can dry out and not be as strong as well.  

Bicycle helmet manufacturers recommend replacement every 3-5 years.  The Snell Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to provide a high quality standard of safety for helmets and they suggest every 5 years.

Another great reason for a new helmet is things have changed.  There is new technology from helmet companies offering  more protection, more venting and less weight.  At our store we can help fit you in your new helmet.  All of these things make for a comfortable and safe ride!  

Happy Cycling!