Let's Go By Bike

Let's Go By Bike

How many of you commute to work regularly or take your bike on a quick errand? I bike many times a week but I'm a fair weather commuter.

At Trek Bicycles, they have been promoting their 'Go By Bike' initiative.  The idea is to choose to Go By Bike everyday or at least choose your bike for a trip or two a week!  During your ride, post a pic with the hashtag 'Go By Bike'!  I have been following this for many months now but I don't recall a post from Westman!  Let's be part of the change, a little bit to help the environment and for our health.

So grab your bike, take and picture and post it with #gobybike. Tag a friend, maybe you will inspire them and maybe we can grow the movement to Go By Bike!

The City of Brandon has been working hard completing paths that take you around the city and there are plans for new paths on Pacific Avenue as well. I hope the city continues to expand these paths that give people a safe place to walk, run and cycle.

For more information, check out this link.   https://www.trekbikes.com/ca/en_CA/gobybike/