Matrix Lifestyle Climbmill LED

Created for low-volume facilities, our Lifestyle ClimbMill features a compact design that makes it possible to bring climbing workouts to facilities with lower ceilings. Smart features make workouts comfortable and secure, and our durable components will keep your people climbing for years. It’s even as easy to service as it is to use, so it will always be ready.

Included WiFi compatibility lets you connect in the way that works best for your facility, supports automatic software updates at no charge to your facility, helps members track workouts and makes it easy for you to monitor equipment status.

26.7 cm


23 x 40.2 x 14.3 cm


160 x 71 x 208 cm


Our compact design fits comfortably in spaces with low ceilings, making it ideal for facilities where space is limited

Large, conveniently placed speed and incline controls feature a unique sealed design that improves durability and provides tactile feedback with each adjustment.


Frame                      7 Years

Hybrid Generator     5 years

Parts/Labor               3 Years

Wear Items               90 Days

*Frame is defined as the welded metal base of the unit and does not include removable parts. **Wear items include: Headphone Jack, USB port, Batteries, Belts (drive/pulley), Straps. No Labor.

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