Norco Fluid FS C3 '24

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• Upping the ante on everybody’s favourite Trail rig, the Fluid FS Carbon features a 600g lighter main triangle with all the strength and fine-tuned potential that experienced or evolving riders need.

• Thread the Needle: Fluid’s geometry, suspension kinematics and precision setup have achieved near-legendary status – so why mess with a success? Fluid Carbon delivers the goods on all types of trails with a little less junk in the trunk.

• You Ask, Fluid Answers: With balanced, progressive geometry, kinematics and superior pedal efficiency, Fluid FS Carbon tackles technical terrain with confidence, and attacks high speed pedaling sections with a big ol’ grin.

• Ride Aligned™: The Ride Aligned™ Design System matches each Fluid FS Carbon to the human who rides it. Rider-First geometry and suspension kinematics are precision tuned in minutes with the Ride Aligned™ Bike Setup Guide.

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