DynaPlug Race Pro Plug Kit Gold

Dynaplug The Puncture & Keep It Moving

Tubeless tires can get messy — if you've ever had a puncture on a tubeless tire, you're familiar with the sound of the sealant spewing out of the hole getting everywhere. It gets even messier when you try to put a spare inner tube in the tire on the trail.

Skip the mess and just stab the puncture with a Dynaplug®!

A Dynaplug® tip works much like a harpoon. It is sharp at the tip to allow the plug to go into the rubber, but when you pull it out, the tip detaches and stays in the puncture. You use the tool to literally stab the puncture, then you add air. The tubeless sealant will do the rest of the work to seal any remaining air holes.

Boom, ready to ride. Good to go.

The Dynaplug® Racer Pro improves upon the original Dynaplug® design with Twin Tube™ technology. This allows you to store 4 pre-loaded plugs ready to go in a single tool. Snap-on caps protect plugs from dirt and damage. When your ready to make a repair, just pop off a cap to deploy either a standard size plug (with wheel-friendly soft brass tip) or the aluminum Megaplug for mega-big punctures. If you need more plugs just unthread the Twin Tube™ and flip it around for more plugging action!

Machined in Chico California from US-made billet aluminum and stainless steel, the Dynaplug® Racer Pro weighs 26g, only 2g more than the prior generation, yet delivers twice the puncture-defeating power!

What's in the box:

  • 1 - Dynaplug® Racer Pro Tool
  • 1 - Megaplug
  • 3 - Standard Plugs
  • 1 - Standard Twin Tube™
  • 1 - Standard/Megaplug Twin Tube™

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