COREFX Sandbag

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The COREFX Sandbags are meant to have extra wiggle room to challenge stability and strength in a way that static items like barbells can’t do. Since a training sandbag doesn’t have a fixed, rigid shape like a barbell or dumbbell does, the neural activation and muscle recruitment with sandbag exercises are superior for building athleticism and motor control.

Sandbags are a great total body workout tool that is portable, versatile and effective. The eccentric loading and adjustable weight capacity allows you to challenge your body at any fitness level. The COREFX Sandbag quickly improves metabolic conditioning and helps to increase your overall lean muscle mass faster and more effectively than traditional free weight workouts!

The COREFX Sandbag was designed to withstand the most torturous training session. With a revolutionary design that features upgraded stitching, military-inspired materials, six industrial handles and a tough-as-nails inner holding bag, this is absolutely the best sandbag available for your training. This training Sandbag has been rigorously tested to withstand even the most brutal training sessions. Throw it, slam it, pound it into the ground; this sandbag is designed to surpass all of your expectations. No more leaking sand in your face and around your training zone – this sandbag has all your bases covered. Experience pure strength and conditioning gains when you add the bag to your routine, today. Every Sandbag includes an inner shell that can hold up to 50 lbs. of sand. It can also be filled with other weighted equipment like medicine balls for a variation on a traditional sandbag workout. The outer shell of the COREFX Sandbag is made from ultra-strong ripstop nylon and has 6 different grip positions so you can perform numerous twisting, pressing and pushing exercises.

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