Abus Cobra Cable 10mm x 4.6'

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The Abus Cobra Cable is a great option for securing your wheels to your bike when you are parking it. We stock the 4.6ft version so that you can easily loop it through your wheels and then back to your U-lock to keep those wheels on lockdown! Seriously though... wheels are not inexpensive, and it crushes us to see folks coming into the shop carrying their bikes, so please keep those wheels secure with a cable like this, or those funky security skewers!! 

The Cobra Cable is made from super tough 10mm braided steel, it is coated to protect your bike from scuffs, and is highly flexible making it easy breezy to use!

  • High quality steel cable with two loop ends
  • Synthetic coating to prevent damage
  • 4.6 ft. long
  • Enhance your wheel security! 
  • 10mm x 140cm (10mm x 4.6')

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