Wolf Tooth Components WT-1 All-Condition 2oz

WT-1 cleans and protects chains while improving overall mechanical efficiency of a drivetrain. This allows cyclists to have just WT-1 Chain Lube on hand, instead of separate dry chain lube, wet chain lube, chain cleaner, and drivetrain treatment.

And as a synthetic chain lubricant, WT-1 will improve the mechanical efficiency of your drivetrain while lasting 3-5x longer than most other chain lubes because it binds so well with chains.

Product details

  1. Cleans, lubricates, and protects chains
  2. Cleans chain by pushing dirt & debris to surface where it can be wiped away
  3. Peak performance in all conditions
  4. Optimal choice for complex modern drivetrains
  5. Easy to use
  6. application takes about 10 minutes
  7. Also works on other places of your bike, including hubs, cables, and pulley wheels
  8. Made in USA