Bells Of Steel Trap/Hex Bar 2.0

  • It is considered by many to be both superior and safer than deadlifting with a traditional straight bar, as the load is centred and more balanced with a Trap Bar, which puts much less stress on the spine.

    Trap Bar deadlifts produce less strain on the lumbar spine than conventional straight bar deadlifts. This makes Trap Bar deadlifts useful not only if you have a pre-existing back injury (or if you just want to give the lower back a break without skipping their deadlift days), but also if you are a beginner who is still trying to develop baseline strength levels.

  • Training with a Trap Bar develops power as well as raw strength, and the carry-over from this kind of training into other sports is undeniable – Olympic weightlifters, Strongman athletes and powerlifters, and professional athletes alike can all benefit from incorporating Trap Bar deadlifts into their training.