Craft Sportswear Touring Mitten

The mitten version of the touring glove, the Craft Touring Mitten puts all those fingers together for additional warmth achieved through strength in numbers of fingers tucked together. Same insulation, neoprene cuff, inner elastic at the wrist for a smooth and secure fit, Clarino palm for grip and pre-curved fingers, in short, the same features that make the glove a great Nordic ski glove make the mitten, which makes the choice a matter of personal preference. Some people like the added warmth that comes with a mitten, some the additional flexibility of having your fingers free that comes with a glove. If you tend to run cold, you'll prefer the mitten for casual cross country skiing. If you're training, and precise pole manipulation is important to you, you'll likely want both, but if you're limiting yourself to one.. the glove will be a better choice. What you gain in extra warmth you do lose in precise finger placement on the poles. You'll find these to provide you with a more comfortable grip than a traditional alpine ski glove, it is less bulky and less cumbersome. You are less likely to overheat when you're climbing up the trail, so you'll be spared the ritual of removing your mittens, waving your hands around to cool them off, then trying to get your sweaty mittens back on again. A winter mitten specifically and well designed for the cross country skier.