North Scooters Tomahawk 3.0 Scooter

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North Scooters has come out with the Tomahawk Complete that is also a competitions/street jam ready scooter. This scooter is an intermediate to pro level scooter that has been designed to be long-lasting and just an all around solid pro scooter. With a different design to the bar, North has given this scooter the Y shape to them for a more stylish look. The SCS is now able to run standard AND oversized bars so that is an excellent upgrade considering you won’t have to stick to only standard bars. The scooter deck has been made in a bigger size and also has a sweet cut out in the front of the head tube for a slight decrease in the weight. For a great pro scooter like this, the price cannot be beat!!


Lighter weight


Universal Look

Deck: 4.7"W x 20.5" L

Bars: 22"W x 23" H

Wheels: 120mm

Compression: SCS