Tiki Tech 2 Pce Med

With the features and performance you get from this paddle, you would expect it to sell for a much higher price!  The Enduro blade shape gives you a precise and powerful catch while the smooth flow of water around the blade allows you to paddle at a faster cadence.  The 13 degree angle that the blade sits at gives this paddle extreme versatility, working as well to accelerate you on to a wave as it does for a leisurely cruise around a lake. 

The best selling tiki tech blade construction includes a carbon stringer for strength and reflex properties and an ABS outer shell for durability.  The strength is further enhanced by extra reinforcing at the blade neck.  The hybrid-carbon shaft is the perfect compliment to the tiki tech blade as it is strong and light weight.  The adjusting mechanism is secure and easy to use.  A fantastic all around paddle!