Pelican Vortex Adjustable Paddle Board Paddle

Easy height adjustment paddle. This paddle is ideal for SUP paddlers between 5'0" and 6'6". The length can be adjusted from 180 to 220cm (70-87 In.).

This new handle gives you a softer and more comfortable grip. It will allow you to stay on the water for hours without any difficulties.

This paddle is made with a strong aluminum shaft and durable fiberglass reinforced polypropylene blade. The material of the blade creates a stiffer blade, which maximizing each stroke. Also, the blade shape is designed to prevent fatigue on longer trips.

This paddle is equipped with a pin locking mechanism that allows you to quickly adjust the length.

Due to the quality of the materials used, the VORTEX SUP paddle is very light, it weighs only 2.3lbs (37.6oz).