Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bar

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The Anytime Energy Bar.

  • KEEPS YOU FUELED AND FULL: Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars were designed as a fuel source for when you need it most. They kept the bar as simple as possible, using the fewest number of whole food ingredients without sacrificing taste. Made with 50% less sugar than traditional energy bars, the right macronutrient profile, and real food that's real good for you. These bars are made from plant based ingredients and come in a variety of delicious and unique savory & sweet flavors. They contain carbohydrates to top off your fuel stores and healthy fats for sustained energy. These are a great option for pre or post workout, or as a grab-and-go snack to have with you throughout the day!

  • FOR ANYTIME YOU NEED A BOOST: This nutritional profile makes this bar suitable for use anytime one is hungry and needs a mixed macronutrient profile. Eat anytime you want to perform at your best - while it’s a great piece of the fueling strategy in the middle of an endurance event or race - it’s also appropriate as a snack while hungry at the office or on the way to a workout.