Phelps Ninja Goggle Clear Lens


Designed with anatomical Softeril Gaskets and a semi-rigid exoskeleton, the Phelps Ninja Clear Lens Goggles give a watertight seal around the eyes without sacrificing comfort, all while providing a strong, durable design and stable fit. The Plexisol lenses offer excellent anti-fog properties, alongside patented curved lens technology that provides an expanded 180-degree panoramic view to further enhance your vision.

The clear lenses transmit natural light making them perfect on overcast days and indoor sessions where maximum visibility is required. Complete with a race fit system, these FINA approved performance goggles combine a high-quality silicone strap with a premium strap adjustment system, so once you find the perfect fit it locks in place and you never have to make adjustments again. Finally, four ergonomic and easily interchangeable nose bridges ensure a great fit for all swimmers.