Discovery 80 Skis

A truly versatile off-trail backcountry ski, the Alpina Discovery 80 is perfect for a wide range of activities from exploring your local meadows and fields to extended trips in the backcountry. Ideal for long trips on Forest Service logging roads or running trap lines in Alaska, the Discovery 80 gives you a solid platform from which to work. With an early rise tip to keep your tips on top of the snow and Alpina's Lite Edge Wood core for the strength and durability of an integrated sidewall cap construction. Steel edges provide control and a firm grip on icy surfaces. The BC No-Wax patterned base provides grip for those long climbs and the speed ground base provides ample glide for exhilarating descents.

  • 80mm tip - 58mm waist - 69mm tail - is the perfect width and side-cut for many off trail adventures from logging trails to trap lines
  • Early rise tip keeps your tips above the snow and eases turning, Lite air edge wood core with durable integrated sidewalls and metal edges
  • Offtrack no-wax base provides the grip needed for serious off-trail climbing - Speed Grind on the tips and tails improves glide
  • Flat ski top allows installation of nnn-bc bindings or your favorite 75mm, cable, or telemark binding