Cres Moon Silvr Exped 10x37 SS

Snowshoeing gives people the opportunity to explore areas that are well off the beaten path during winter. There are countless canyons, dried-up riverbeds, mountain sides, forests, and fields to discover, explore and experience. If you’re the kind of person who likes to make their own trail or carry enough gear to be out for a day or more, the Silver 17 Expedition Snowshoe is lightweight, but large in surface area—exactly what you need to trudge across miles and miles of unbroken snow and tundra.

Expedite your expedition with a pair of Silver 17 Snowshoes; with over 300 square inches of surface area you practically float across the terrain, and because the shoes weigh only 4.6lbs per pair, you might want to carry everyone else’s backpack as well. (Or not.) Or maybe you’re ready to take on the entire northwoods and consider the Gold 17, the upgraded version of Silver version.

The binding on the Silver 17 Trail Breaking Snowshoe can accommodate shoe sizes up to 10 ½ and features the aluminum version of the 3-claw traction system including a heel claw, main claw, and Crescent Moon’s unique climbing toe claw. When you’re carrying a lot of weight, traction and float are essential. The Silver 17s are large enough to float you and your gear, but you’ll also find them easy to maneuver because of the modified tear-drop shape and their light weight. Having the Silver 17 Expedition Snowshoes will make you feel like you can go anywhere, do anything, and follow your own inclinations… wherever they may take you.