Cres Moon Gold 10x37

Large expedition snowshoe for exploring the deep snow and tundra of the world, or the woods behind your neighborhood. If there were such a thing as a professional snowshoer, they would wear the professional Gold 17 by Crescent Moon. It’s got 37”x 10” of surface area to support you and your backpack up to 300lbs, and underneath its beautiful top side are four sets of angry stainless steel crampons that bite huge hunks of snow and ice, chew them up and spit them out the back… like so much undigested glacial debris. At the front is Crescent Moon’s unique climbing toe claw, for added grip and control while snowshoeing uphill. The others are for traversing and traction under foot and at the heel for stability on descents.

Built for recreation or work, these snowshoes are fit for the heaviest of loads. The Gold 17s feature the larger Crescent Moon version of the SPL binding and accommodates a work boot, snowboard boot, or other large volume footwear up to size 15 and makes it look easy. Featuring a ratcheting buckle adjustment in the rear and automatic locking cam buckles over the foot, you really can’t find an easier snowshoe binding system to get into or out of—which might come in handy when that wolf pack that’s been trailing you to your cabin is only a growl away.