CFX Lat Bar Attachment

The Lat Bar can be connected to your cable machine, to perform high position pull- down actions. You can perform triceps pushdown, pull- downs, straight bar curls and much more! Length: 35.5″



  • Ultimate Comfort: Offers a rubber non-slip grip for seamless reps and uninterrupted range of motion.  
  • Top Quality: Constructed with high-quality steel and chrome-coated for rust resistance. 
  • Universal Attachment Point: Includes a point for attaching onto any standard carabiner cable machine. Simply clip the carabiner through the attachment hole and start your workout. 

Why You Need It:

The Lat Bar Attachment is perfect for building stronger triceps, while activating muscles around your back, abs and shoulders with different combination pushing exercises.

How It Helps:

The Lat Bar Attachment offers a knurled inner bar with various no-slip grips for better reps. This also offers optimal safety while you build your lats, traps, rhomboids, and serratus muscles.

What You Can Do With It:

The Lat Bar Attachment allows you to perform wide and narrow pronated-grip lat pull downs and much more!