CFX EZ Curl Cable Attachment

The Ez Curl Cable Attachment features a non-slip handle and rubber coating handle, providing a secured grip throughout your workout. This security provides a balanced force to both arms when attached to any gym machine.


  • Multi-Functional: Suitable for any cable exercise equipment. 
  • Top Quality: Made from top-quality steel construction with rubber handgrips and end caps.
  • Easy to Use: The rotating bar allows for easy use as it keeps your hands in place, which helps maintain the proper form. 


Why You Need It:
By incorporating the Ez Curl Cable Attachment into your strength training routine this will help build your upper body mass as it will expand your range of exercises. 

How It Helps:
The angles on the Ez Curl Cable Attachment  were designed specifically for peak bicep and tricep contraction.

What You Can Do With It:
The Ez Curl Cable Attachment is great for tricep press downs, straight bar curls, upright rows, arm pullovers and much more. This versatile bar attaches to your home gym, Smith machine, etc.

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