Bontrager AEOX6 TLR Wheel Set

Stability to confidently run a deeper, faster wheel

Confidently run a deeper, faster wheel with Aeolus XXX 6. Industry-leading crosswind stability combines with best-in-class aerodynamics to give this 60mm carbon road wheel an incredible speed advantage, all while being the lightest in its class. The wide profile delivers more tire support and that classic Aeolus ride quality. Disc brakes provide confident stopping power, and a hassle-free tubeless setup virtually eliminates flats.

Product details

  1. OCLV XXX carbon uses premium materials and high temperature resins with industry-leading domestic manufacturing
  2. Speed Stability Shape reduces side force allowing for a deeper depth and faster profile
  3. Center Lock disc brake hubs with front and rear 12mm thru-axles
  4. 60mm rim depth provides blistering speed with unmatched stability and rider confidence
  5. Tubeless Ready (TLR), with 21mm inner rim width for enhanced tire support
  6. DT Swiss internals for a buttery smooth ride feel and reliable 36 point star ratchet engagement
  7. Laser etched graphics provide a fast, finished look with no added weight
  8. Includes TLR rim strip and valve stem along with traditional tube-type rim strip


 Crosswinds? What crosswinds?

On the open road, wind comes from all different directions. That’s why we redefined a high-performance wheel to be one that does more than cut through headwinds in a wind-tunnel. Aeolus XXX is optimized for stability in real-world conditions, even the strongest crosswinds.


Confident all-weather braking performance

Confidence to ride your fastest requires absolute confidence in your ability to stop. The all-new Laser Control Track massively improves braking performance for stopping power directly comparable to alloy rims, even in wet conditions.


All-new wider shape

Aeolus XXX benefits from a wider 21mm internal rim and all-new shapes optimized for each depth and intended use. The result is best-in-class aerodynamics and stability at all three rim depths.