Atlas Starlite 12x33

The Atlas is a great entry level board for the beginner paddler; built for larger framed riders this is a very stable board for anyone to learn on and offers all-round performance. The Atlas covers all aspects of the sport, whether surfing or touring it provides a stable and versatile ride. Being the longest board in the all-round range, the Atlas has the fastest glide speed. With a maximum load capacity of 115 kg (253 lbs) it can carry multiple riders too, just make sure you know who is captain before you launch. The Starlite construction features Parabolic Carbon Innegra Rails that are very strong and impact resistant plus Uni-Directional Carbon Stringers to further enhance durability. The 100% PEFC certified and sustainably sourced Australian Pine standing-area deck adds impact resistance and rigidity. Plant Bio-Resin and inverted EVA deck pads lower the environmental impact of construction whilst maintaining superior performance.