2BIG Cable Attachment 20" Strait Bar

Introducing the 2BIG line of cable attachments from Northern Lights Fitness. These fatter 2 inch diameter cable attachments allow you to recruit a greater number of muscle fibres as compared to traditional thinner attachments, allowing you to build bigger, stronger muscles faster than you ever thought possible. It also allows you to target the forearm muscles even when you're not working them directly, which leads to greater grip strength too.

The Northern Lights 20" 2BIG Straight bar cable attachment is manufactured in Canada from high-quality, durable steel tubing and features a full-length knurled grip that provides comfort and grip during workouts.

This thicker grip, 20" long Straight bar is perfect for a wide range of exercises performed on Cable Machines, such as:

  • Triceps press down
  • Bar curls
  • Upright rows
  • Seated rows
  • Arm pullovers
  • Close-Grip pulldowns
  • Wrist curls



  • 2" inch diameter grip allows for greater muscle activation compared to thinner bars
  • Full length Knurled Grip provides greater comfort and grip during workouts
  • Provides more workout variety
  • Helps you attain bigger, stronger muscles in less time
  • Made in Canada

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